TAKE A BREAK…… have piece of cake

japanese cotton cakeJAPANESE COTTON CAKE



A.   60 g butter

B.   5 egg whites

       100g icing sugar

C.   5 egg yolks      

       1 whole egg

        pinch of salt

D. 80ml fresh milk

       80g flour


1.      Melt butter on slow fire, add in fresh milk and flour

2.      Beat egg whites to foam, add sugar and continue to beat till stif. Set aside.

3.      Beat egg yolk and whole egg till fluffy, add in No 1, sieve in flour, mix well.

4.   Mix the egg white  batter with egg yolk batter till well incorporated.

5.  Pour into well line tray dan bake in preheat oven at   175 degree for  20 minutes or golden brown/ cooked.

6.    When cold cut into 2 horizontal layers and sandwich together with butter cream, cut into pieces and serve or roll to make a swiss roll.



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